About Looping

Looping is a solo choreographed by Jan Van Dyke. Originally commissioned and premiered by Peggy Lyman in April 1981. The work was recovered and remounted for the first time since 1981 in 2014, at the request of Justin Tornow. Lyman’s original video archival footage from 1981 was used to reconstruct the work, as well as conference and rehearsal with Van Dyke. While the original costume for Peggy Lyman was constructed by Salli LoveLarkin, the current costume was originally meant for a different solo (Double Times) choreographed by Van Dyke-- the costume has been repurposed for this iteration of Looping. COMPANY’s performance of the solo on Justin Tornow premieres in Cortona, Italy in July 2015.

Images are of dancer Peggy Lyman in performance for Looping and Peggy Lyman Dances program from premiere, 1981

  • Choreographed by: Jan Van Dyke
  • Commissioned by: Peggy Lyman, April 1981
  • Original costume by: Salli LoveLarkin.
  • Remounted on: Justin Tornow, 2014-2015
  • Current costume granted by: Jan Van Dyke
  • Music: Experiences No. 2 by John Cage, Poem: e e cummings, Singer: Robert Wyatt
  • Video: Rehearsal video, March 24, 2015. Music is Cartridge Music by John Cage-- this footage does not feature musical accompaniment from the actual work.