No. 10

About No. 10

No. 10 is a 10-minute work for three dancers, created by Justin Tornow in the winter of 2013-2014 for performance in the GSO Fringe Festival. No. 10 was built by experimenting with compositional structures and decomposing conventional movements and movement phrasings. The choreographic process was mindful to coincide with the structure of the piece Anything That Is Strang, by Lee Weisert. Justin Tornow and COMPANY are currently in the process of expanding No. 10 into a full-length piece (approx. 35-45 minutes) for future performance.

Premiered Jan 31-Feb 2, 2014 in the City Arts Theater at the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center, presented by the GSO Fringe Festival.

  • Video: No. 10
  • Choreographed by: Justin Tornow
  • Performed by: Amy Blakely, Erin Casanega-Wert, and Samantha Steffen
  • Music: Original Composition Anything That Is Strang by Lee Weisert, and performed by Lee Weisert, (electronics) and Matthew McClure, (saxophone.)